Pick a Design & Customize.

1. Start with one of our 6 chic designs

2. Pick a neon color, plexi color, or terrazzo tile hue.

3. Receive your pre-assembled piece, hang, and voila!

Hand-bent Glass Neon

Glass Neon is created by bending hollow glass tubes over fire and carefully bending the glass into its final form by adding air into the tube and working with gravity.

Hand-made Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo is a composite material and technique of flooring that's connected to 18th century, Venice.

Our terrazzo tiles are a modern take on this traditional technique using brighter, lighter and safer materials.

Each tile is made completely by hand. Where colored chips are poured into a larger form. The tiles are then hand-ground and polished to a smooth finish.

Easy to Ship & Hang

The Light Bar System pieces are all easy to ship and ready-to-hang right out of the box.

We took all the complication out of glass neon which is typically hard to transport and typically requires professional installation.

Perfect for Art Lovers

Created with the perfect balance of chic design and artful joy. The unique combination of materials and wide range of color options make these neons perfect for art lovers and interior designers looking for a colorful artwork for a wall, but want to add a personal touch.

Behind the Scenes at the GLO studio