N A M E G L O is a New York-based design practice offering light-based goods and creative services.

Launched in 2014 by Lena Imamura + Sas Simon as a custom neon studio offering high-concept but approachable light-based pieces with a collaborative and joyful approach.

The Founding Story

N A M E G L O was formed when Sas first commissioned Lena to design a neon for a baby shower. 

The two felt there should be an option for a simple, fun and easy way to get a neon and they set forth to create a contemporary, hip, neon experience – and here they are today! 

An Innovative Design Practice

Unlike many other design studios or neon practices, NAME GLO has both sides of the business under one roof --- the sales, operations and creative direction as well as production and fulfillment.

They're also a proud minority-women-founded and led organization.