Customization Options

The entire experience is completely customizable. From colors, to font choice, to how it's displayed. You are in the driver's seat! Follow the chart below to get a sense of all the customization options you have.


Choose between Glass Neon or LED Neon. Glass Neon is made out of glass that is bent to create its shape. LED Neon is made out of flexible LED lights that are encased in a PVC jacket. 


If you want multiple colors to be used in one custom design, let us know HERE.


There are zillions of fonts to choose from, we narrowed it down to these 10. Pick which one suits your neon the best.


Your piece can be mounted onto an acrylic backing which is a flat surface that protects your piece for easy installation. If you're ordering Glass neon, you can also choose to use no backing and have us professionally install the piece onto your wall.

Square or rectangular display panel. Square Display
Display panel that follows the shape of your piece. Outline Display
Display box with the front face, open.
*neon only Display Box
Mount your neon directly onto the wall
*neon only No Display


This will be the color of the acrylic surface that your piece is mounted onto.It also functions as the background to your GLO.


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Create your Neon Artwork!