The Light bar system is an original line of customizable light objects, where we offer unique designs + materials in limited edition collections that you can mix and match together.

This inaugural collection is made of Glass neon, Terrazzo tiles and Colored plexi components.


Spotlight your party with our Event Collection!

This collection is made with LED neon that's perfect for a party.

Pieces can be Purchased as-is, Rented or Custom made.

*You can request make any piece in Glass neon - just let us know.


Our iconic collection of glass neon designs, perfect for bringing whimsy to any room.

Each piece is hand-made and made-to-order in our NYC studio.

Mini & Stands

Before they walk, they stand!  

These LED neons are the perfect accessory to make a bookshelf pop or to bring a beam of brightness into any room.

Neon Lips

Neon lips from Name Glo are a beautiful showpiece that gives the walls of any room a pop of personality.

Name Glo offers these neon lip signs in a variety of shades to help shower your walls with a little love.

The GLO Candles

GLO Candles, inspired by NAME GLO The Light Bar System.

Mood-setting candles to include in your home and admire as their own little work of art.


This LED neon collection will make you want to kick off your shoes, grab a smoothie and make the fun times last forever.

LED neons are perfect for events, kid’s rooms because they're more durable and cost-effective. They can also be slightly more energy-efficient than Glass neon.