Light and Sweet

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When we first met Robyn Blair, we knew we were in love. She was spunky, talented, friendly and a neon enthusiast. We had a blast making a custom piece for her living room. As NAME GLO continued to evolve, so did our relationship. She helped spread the word about us to all of her pals and soon her entire network was beginning to “glo”.

That is why we were especially pumped when she reached out to let us know that she was launching her very own candy confection pieces, by robynblair! We fell in love with her creations and we knew the fun couldn’t just stop there, we needed to collaborate! And thus…our #LightandSweet SUGAR FREE centerpiece was born.

To celebrate the occasion we had a launch party at one of our favorite Soho haunts, American Two Shot. We created a candy wonderland with custom lollipops, sucking candies, and cake benches so that our guests could seeand feel the sweetness too. Check out some photos of the soiree below, and be sure to reach out to us here if you want to create your own centerpiece moment…candy is just the tip of the iceberg of what NAMEGLO and by robyblair can do!


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