Designing for Change ūüéÄ

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Well.. the Name Glo x Man Repeller love affair continues! 

We were honored when Man Repeller invited us to be part of a panel along with a group of inspiring female entrepreneurs designing products and lifestyles that work to make social change with their own companies. 

The evening was heartfelt and inspiring and led to a productive conversation that covered everything from starting your own business to creating social change. Each panelist shared their founding stories and their motivations for incorporating social, environmental, political aspect to their work. We talked about how to take risks and navigate challenges large and small in life. 

We are inspired by all the female business owners out there and feel honored to be in their company. To infinity and beyond!

We shared tips for how to chase your passion, believe in good and exchanged tactics for surviving the daily grind ---- main takeaways? Twirl around and dance when you get anxious about something, and take yourself on walks (courtesy yours truly), make vision boards and believe that the impossiblecan happen!

The other speakers on the panel were:

  • Celine Semaan¬†- CEO and founder of Slow Factory,¬†an apparel brand that aims to use fashion as a medium for social and environmental change. Slow Factory creates limited-edition collectable fashion pieces by printing high-resolution NASA satellite images on environmentally responsible fibers like silk and modal, resulting in timeless statement pieces with a mission supporting environmental and humanitarian causes. A refugee herself who came to the US from Lebanon in the 80s, Celine has paved partnerships with organizations such as ANERA and WWF to ensure each product sold by Slow Factory supports a meaningful cause.¬†
  • Ksenia Avdulova¬†- Founder of recipe and lifestyle website,¬†Breakfast Criminals. Breakfast Criminals believes in starting every day with love, whether it's a delicious superfood breakfast, yoga or working out. Starting with Ksenia posting recipes of her superfood bowl creations on Instagram, Breakfast Criminals quickly grew to become the epitome of starting your day right recognized widely by the wellness world.¬†
  • Holly Gleason¬†- Founder of Gloria Graceretailer of homemade decor and gifts from emerging designers. Having spent a decade working in the fashion industry, Holly was always passionate about discovering independent designers, learning about their creative process and understanding the stories behind their creations. Her hope is to support the artists making today's modern heirlooms by bringing their products to a larger audience and helping to tell their story.¬†
  • Alice Well¬†-¬†Founder of Kindred Black, a destination for luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced, and ethically manufactured. With a strong belief that style and design should not have to be compromised for eco-responsibility, Alice‚Äôs vision is to promote the reuse of those things that are beautiful and already exist in the world and combine them with high quality contemporary goods that can replace a dozen mass produced and disposable versions.
  • Johanna Peet -¬†Founder of¬†Peet Rivko, a unisex line of plant-based products for sensitive skin. Johanna aimed to create products that can be used on the most sensitive of skin but are designed for anyone seeking a high performance natural skincare routine. They work hand-in-hand with suppliers to ensure supply chains are transparent and customers can understand exactly what they‚Äôre putting on their skin, introducing the idea of next-level natural skincare.¬†

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