Betches Media HQ

  • 1 min read

This Spring, our pals at Betches Media—a digital brand for brutally honest and self-aware young women—embarked on yet another large scale venture: building their first headquarters in Manhattan. As fellow NYC natives we were of course honored AND up to the task.  

We’ve designed neon for countless offices—all of them awesome. But it was a real treat collaborating with the team at Betches Media and their design firm LABL Studio on a custom piece plucked from one of our favorite movies, Mean Girls.

Regina George (and Tina Fey for that matter) would be so proud! Take a full tour of the new digs, and read how the millennial publisher went from a dorm room blog to a real media company. As a fellow female run and owned business we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate their success.

Interested in a custom neon piece for your office? Hit us up!

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