Bergdorf Goodman Artists in Residence

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 What a pinch me moment! We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our Artist in Residence at Bergdorf Goodman alongside our frequent collaborator by robynblair

The whimsical installation will be on display on the seventh floor “home” section through 3/8/2020, with pieces from the installation also available for purchase in store.

After months of planning and prepping we transformed the 7th floor, into an immersive experience of neon and candy art! We created a five part installation filled to the brim with candy, neon, and wonder!

First up is  the Galaxy room, where you immediately find yourself floating in outer space amongst glowing neon stars, twinkling cosmic stardust, dreamy neon pendant planets and out of this world candy creations. If you can spot the shooting star, that’s the newest collaboration piece by NAME GLO and by robynblair!

Once you find gravity and orient yourself down the hallway, the second room is the Rainbow Room – a portal where you’re introduced to all 7 lucky colors of the rainbow, and NAME GLO’s new rainbow bars made of colorful neon lines on different colored acrylic!

After you’ve time-warped through light and space, you find yourself falling through the clouds in the next section of the hallway, the Cloud Room. In the Cloud Room, fluffy cotton-covered walls with cloud-shaped lights place you right inside the skies, where you discover neon clouds, a neon cloud mirror, and dreamy candy wall art. Lastly, you are confronted by larger-than-life size red tinted neon sunglasses!

As the clouds part,  you’ll be thrown back in time as you’ve found yourself in the Groovy Room. Where ‘70s vintage poster colors swirl up the walls in rays of sunlight. Here, you’ll encounter some far-out neon phrases made in a trippy 3D font, and candy pieces that remind you that everything’s gonna be alright. 
And now you’re ready for the Good Times Room! The Good Times Room begins with a trail of life size sculptures that signal that good times are up ahead. Then, you’re welcomed by polka dotted walls and an oversized neon piece that says “Let The Good Times Roll”. The very last stop to Good Times is a fantastical pastel ice cream truck where you can pose behind the window and take a picture as a reminder that you didn’t dream this experience. 
Happy shopping! If you’re in New York City be sure to check it out and pick up an exclusive piece but yours truly and by robynblair. If you can’t make to New York, take a virtual walk through in our universe and by clicking here!



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