Barefoot Blonde

  • 1 min read

As founders we know how much time and energy goes into starting your own business. Which is why a company’s first office space means so much—it’s a literal reward for all the hard work. A space you can make your own and celebrate your biggest and best achievements.

Amber Fillerup Clark was ready for a workspace of her own. Known as the Barefoot Blonde, she has a following on Instagram that is 1.3 million strong, a website with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice, as well as her own line of highly sought after hair extensions. When she reached out looking to add a bit of neon to her first office, it was impossible to say no.

So, congrats Barefoot Blonde! We’re thrilled to be the finishing touch for your new workspace. Cheers to many more years of success and prosperity!

Ready to add neon to your workspace? We’d love to chat.

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