This entire experience is completely customized. From font choice to color to how it's displayed. You are in the driver's seat. Fill out the form below to request a quote for a super custom neon.

Please note for all super custom neons, we charge a $75 design fee.

We want you to fall in love with whatever piece you buy. Because of that, we take great time and care into every design that we mock up so we charge the design fee to ensure that our potential clients are serious about going down the "glo" path with us. 

Learn more about the ordering process here. Or if you have a question that our FAQs don't answer, shoot us an email

What's your name? *
What's your name?
let us know if you're interested in getting a classic glass neon or an LED neon.
Remember, this form is for ordering a neon that's longer than 10 letters.
If you have an font in mind that's not one of our custom neon styles, share an example of it by sending us a link from a website like
Your neon can be mounted onto an acrylic display which secures your neon onto a flat surface for easy installation. You can also choose to not use a display.
This will be the color of your acrylic display that holds your neon. It also functions as the background to your neon.
Let us know what size range you're interested in. If you have exact dimensions in mind, let us know in the size field below.
Let us know here if you have a specific size in mind. This is helpful if you've got a specific wall you're planning the neon for. Certain designs may not be possible to make at certain sizes. We'll let you know if we have any issues with this.
Currently we only ship neons to locations within the United States via FedEx ground. LED neons can be shipped anywhere in the world via DHL. For international shipping inquiries, let us know which country below and we can provide options to you.
Currently, we only ship to 48 states in the US. If you're in Alaska or Hawaii, let us know below and we can provide additional shipping options to you.
Let us know here if you're inquiring about an international shipment. Also use this field to tell us about a specific city or town that you want to ship to.
Need-by Date (for those in a rush!)
Need-by Date (for those in a rush!)
Do you have a timeline you're working with? We can provide rush production services for an additional charge.
We want to thank them!


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