[Rental] Drunk In Love LED

[Rental] Drunk In Love LED

“I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking…”

All good weddings start with a well stocked bar, and now you can bring a glow to your libation station. Plus, you can never go wrong with Beyonce.

Materials: This piece is made with pink LED neon mounted onto a black acrylic stand

Dimensions: 19 in (H) x  58 in (W) x 7 in (D)

About your RENTAL:

  • Rental fee is per week + a $5 Insurance charge per rental.

  • We offer pickup and delivery in the New York Area.

  • Outside of the New York area, we will ship via FedEx. 

  • Designed for indoor use.

  • Includes power cord and installation instructions.

  • Please read additional Terms & Conditions of the rental here (Section 2)

Rent it!