This entire experience is completely customized. From font choice to color to how it's displayed. You are in the driver's seat. Follow the chart below to get a better sense of all the options you have.

Use our custom design app to design the GLO of your dreams. If you don't see what you're looking for there, use our quote form and we'll make your GLO dreams come true. 

White line.png

1. Tell us what you'd like your piece to say


Here are some ideas to get you started: 


2.  Pick a font


There are zillions of fonts to choose from, we narrowed it down to these 13.

Pick which one suits your neon the best.


3. Pick a neon color


If you want multiple colors to be used in one custom design, let us know HERE.


4. Pick a Display type


Your piece can be mounted onto an acrylic display which is a flat surface that protects your piece for easy installation. If you're ordering traditional neon, you can also choose to use no display, though we don't recommend this for safety purposes. 


5. Pick a Display Color

This will be the color of the acrylic surface that your piece is mounted onto.

It also functions as the background to your GLO.


6. Pick a size

The sizes are based on the height of the letters, not the display size. 

Each sign is unique and the dimensions vary slightly. Here are the sizes we offer:

White line shadow.png

7. Select your shipping preference


Since neon is made of glass, we recommend transporting them by hand whenever possible. LED neons are much more durable so can be shipped through Fedex. Please see our Shipping page for details.

For international shipping inquiries, email us and we can provide shipping estimates.