Name Glo teams up with like-minded brands to inspire and connect our audiences

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A collaboration that was written in the stars.

When we first set out to open NAME GLO, MAN REPELLER was a dream brand for us to one day work with. We've always been inspired by their crystal clear point of view and female leadership. So we were ecstatic when they reached out to us to participate in their pop up event at Canal Street Market

We were lucky enough to recreate their iconic logo to hang as the centerpiece of the shop and we were even more thrilled to design a piece together in celebration of International Women's Day! When discussing organizations that are meaningful to us both, Planned Parenthood floated right to the top. We decided to create a piece, honoring the female body and the very organization that helps keep those exact bodies healthy. 

We're proud to introduce the "BOOBS" LED Neon in two versions!

First is a large size that comes in a limited edition of 5, exclusively sold out of the Canal Street Market Space, starting March 1st (pictured above). 

Second, is a smaller version which is an unlimited edition that will be sold throughout the month of March. The smaller version comes in a range of colors (pictured below).

All proceeds go directly to Planned Parenthood. As women, we are particularly proud to be a part of this collaboration and stand proudly with Planned Parenthood. 


We certainly have a sweet tooth.

Nothing quite quenches our thirst and need for sugar on a hot day like People's Pops! When we were invited to be a part of the Brooklyn Flea our first thought was, "we got to find a way to work with People's Pops." Well... we ended up making our wish come true and People's Pops created a brand new flavor to serve to our guests on that piping hot day.

In addition we were able to bring their famed popsicle logo to life using our LED Neon technology. Currently the piece lives with the company and they travel around the Tri-State area with it.

We were thrilled to bring our signature "glo" to them!

 Chocolate Ice-pop Dipping Station!!!

Chocolate Ice-pop Dipping Station!!!

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