N A M E  G L O is a New York City based contemporary neon studio for a new generation of design enthusiasts. Cofounded by Lena Imamura and Sas Simon in 2014, the studio offers a chic selection of ready-made neon designs and provides clients with a platform to create custom pieces of their own.

Lena is an artist and Sas is a writer and actress. Both are native New Yorkers and the two have been friends since high school.

NAME GLO was formed when Sas first commissioned Lena to design a neon for a baby shower. Sas had searched all that the internet and NYC had to offer and couldn't find the right place, with the right design, for the right price. The two felt there should be an option for a simple, fun and easy way to get a neon and they set forth to create a contemporary, hip, neon experience โ€“ and here they are today! They are thrilled to be lighting up New York and beyond, and bringing their signature glow to everyone and anyone.

Check out the NEWS page to learn more about their latest & greatest work.